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Easy sign up from your smartphone...Easy sign up from your smartphone...

Traveling by taxi is definitely efficient, and you can go to your destination comfortably even in bad weather.
Taxis can be used for everyday use but also for leisure.
Crowded bus tours can be tiring, and you may be unsure of what to schedule for your own travel plans,
by taking a taxi you can resolve these problems.

  • Download the application and easily call a taxi.
    Download the free “Come on Taxi” application to your phone and call a taxi to your exact location.
    Even without knowing the taxi company's phone number you can quickly call any taxi with just a few taps.
  • Check your pickup time and fee beforehand.
    View your taxi’s pick up and drop off location using the display map along with the boarding time and an approximate fee.
    You can relieve anxieties such as, "I worry about being able to make the opening hours of different facilities or having a higher than expected.
    " No need to worry about rushing to catch your taxi or how much it will cost, instead find out if it’s worth it beforehand.
    You will find the experience relaxing, even for those who do not frequently ride taxis.
  • No frustration Check your taxis current location
    After ordering your taxi, you will be able to see its current location. You can also see the approximate arrival time beforehand, allowing you to schedule your trip with no frustration.
  • Order smart by using the registration history
    Easily save taxi routes such as ones from your house to your workplace, speeding up the order process.
    You can browse through past orders to request the same route, so there is no need to input your information each time.


Call a taxi now.

Using the display map, place the “Come here"
icon to your location. You can enlarge the
map and specify your exact location by tapping
the “Call a taxi now” button.After you enlarge
the map, an “OK” button will be displayed,
press this button to confirm your location.

台数や 車種を指定台数や 車種を指定

Specify detailed information, such as the
number of vehicles under "Vehicle Information"
From the “Detailed Setting,” you can
select your preferred vehicle type. When
everything is confirmed, tap the “Order with
specified content” button, to process the

Confirm contents
Search price.

Tap the “Search Price” button located
on the map, to find the price of the taxi
for your destination. Move the map and
mark your location and destination. Not
only the fee, but the distance will also be


Utilize your order history.

Tap the “Order history” button displayed on the map, to find your history details. By simply tapping a past order you can request a pickup, so frequently used locations can be easily ordered.

Choose your favorite taxi company.

“Come on Taxi” is a free mobile application made by the Teito Jidosha Kotsu group in cooperation with the following taxi companies (Tokyo Shitestsu Jidosha Kyodo Kumiai, Keio Jidosha, Odakyu Kotsu, Keikyu Kotsu) so you can choose your preferred taxi company.

Pick-up Vehicle Locator

While waiting for your car's arrival, our map will show you it's exact location. A great function especially on rainy days, allowing you to wait under a covering until the car is nearby.

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