Keisei Ueno Station

Keisei Ueno station is convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo.
With great access from Narita Airport, Keisei Ueno station is great to transfer to one of the many lines available at Ueno station (JR - Tokyo Metro). If you plan to do sightseeing in Tokyo, Ueno is a good starting point.
Besides, Keisei Ueno Station is located right under Ueno Onshi Park, which enables you to enjoy sightseeing in Ueno as soon as you leave the station. Ueno Onshi Park features nature, historic buildings, cultural facilities and more... As Ueno has many shops, you can enjoy both sightseeing and shopping!


Yushima Tenmangu Shrine

More famous events! Find information about praying at Yushima Tenmangu Shrine and excellent gourmet.
Yushima Tenmangu Shrine, which was built in 458, has a long history and is home of the god, Sugawara Michizane. In the Edo era, many writers such as Confucian scholars and singers, including Shoguns, have been highly revered and Michizane an academic god is one known for the fulfillment of academic achievement. Yushima Tenmangu Shrine is famous for annual events such as the plum festival where 300 plums are in full bloom, and the most famous Chrysanthemum Festival in Kanto, where you can see 2,000 chrysanthemums.


Tokyo Dome

Enjoy Tokyo Dome City! Introducing gourmet from nearby attractions.
Within Tokyo Dome City, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment such as sporting events including baseball and boxing, attractions such as a Ferris wheel and roller coaster, and natural spa and yoga lessons at Spa LaQua. Also, a recommended spot for those staying at the Tokyo Dome Hotel is Yasukuni Shrine and the Imperial Palace.

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